This week I’ve been reflecting on how to dream big! Most entrepreneurs have wild and crazy ideas and many have big and bold visions. But how often do you dismiss your dreams believing them to be impossible? What would happen if we allowed ourselves the time and space to flesh out what an alternate reality might look and feel like? How do we dream big without fearing what we might be capable of?

Don’t be afraid of the space between your dreams and reality. If you can dream it, you can make it so.” Belva Davis

How do you dream big?

One of the things I’ve learned over the years is that many of us don’t acknowledge what we’re truly capable of. We underestimate ourselves and others and we allow ourselves to focus on all the reasons why something won’t or can’t happen. I see it often in my coaching work – clients who dismiss what they want as selfish or unachievable, telling themselves they are being unrealistic or arrogant. When left unchallenged, this way of thinking is incredibly limiting. It means you never allow yourself to get really clear about what you actually want. Your dreams remain nebulous and therefore difficult to achieve. As they never become reality, you reinforce your belief that they were never really possible anyway. It’s a terribly damaging cycle that diminishes your potential by encouraging you to think small rather than dreaming big.

What would happen if you ‘indulged’ yourself instead? Allow yourself to get really clear about that wild and crazy ambition of yours. Write down your ideal scenario without limits or compromise. In detail. The truth is that dreams don’t exist only when we’re sleeping. Anything is possible with hard work, determination and clear goals.

Here are my Top 10 Tips on dreaming big:-

🌟 Be specific. The number one reason why it’s not happening is because you’re not clear enough. What do you want? In specific detail. By when?
🌟 Plan small. Your dreams may be big but to avoid overwhelm, break down your goal into manageable chunks and make a plan to achieve each one.
🌟 Ask who rather than how. Instead of getting stuck on how, who do you know that could help, who might know how, who could offer a different perspective?
🌟 Take action. Wanting something is not enough. It’s on you to make it happen. So keep taking small steps and moving forward. But do it your way!
🌟 Track progress. Having regular checks on progress is important to keep you motivated but also allows you to course correct as necessary.
🌟 Share. Don’t do it alone. Surround yourself with people who will lift you up, hold you accountable and support you through the ups and downs.
🌟 Stay the course. Staying motivated is hard, especially on the difficult days. Make sure you’re really clear on WHY achieving your dream is important to you.
🌟 Embrace ‘failure’. Life is all about learning. Get back up when you get knocked down. Failure is a necessary step along the road to your dreams.
🌟 Enjoy the journey. Being focused on your goal is important, but you must celebrate along the way. Enjoy the process of trying, changing and learning.
🌟 No fear. Don’t ever underestimate what you’re capable of. Dream big, aim high and believe in yourself. You only get one life. Make it count!

It’s completely unrealistic to expect yourself to know everything or be able to do everything. Please be kind to yourself and if you’d like to talk through the choices you’re facing or any blockers in your business, let me know.

Lisa Zevi – June 2021