Business educator Lisa Zevi

/ people management training


It takes skill to bring out the best in people, especially those who are working remotely or in distributed teams.

Lisa’s series of live, six online workshops helps team members new to management and those would might benefit from a refresher.

The workshops cover the foundations of management including managing differences and how to attract and retain great people.

They’re interactive online workshops held via Zoom with practical exercises and take-aways.


Workshop 1: Foundations of People Management

  • Line management essentials
  • The dark art of delegation
  • Remote working and managing distributed teams.

Workshop 2: Managing Differences

  • Understand what puts you and others in flow
  • Your personal energy chart
  • Managing differences in a team

Workshop 3: Objectives and Managing Performance

  • Setting objectives and expectations
  • Aligning compensation with the behaviours you want
  • Giving and receiving feedback

Workshop 4: Being Part of a Management Team

  • Management team essentials
  • Accountability, ownership and standards
  • Managing up, down and across

Workshop 5: The Rhythm of the Business

  • Meetings and communication
  • Seven golden rules of meetings
  • How to deliver on  your commitments

Workshop 6: Building Strong Teams

  • What makes a good team
  • Values and culture
  • Dealing with drama and difficult conversations

Very actionable! Things that can be implemented straight away.

A great mix of theory and practice, good discussions, presented in a very simple way so it was easy to find actions without being overwhelmed with information.

I am enthusiastically looking forward to the next session. Thanks!