This week I’ve been reflecting on the pace of life. Many of us are juggling family with business, home schooling with caring or volunteering, and life just keeps getting busier. But if we’re honest with ourselves, is being busy a chore or more of a badge of honour?

If you win the rat race, you’re still a rat.” Lily Tomlin

So how do you define YOUR value?

Many of us do so by how busy we are – almost as if it’s a protective blanket or a shield to defend us. What would happen if we slowed down? What are we afraid of?

Most people identify being busy with being successful, but being too busy is not living, it’s just existing. Busy people often use their busyness as an excuse not to attend to the people and things they actually care about. Is that your definition of success?

As a business owner, your job is to look ahead, see what’s happening around you and what’s on the horizon. How can you do that if you’re always busy?

Many of the people I meet feel guilty if they’re not busy, so today I thought I’d share some reasons to slow down:-

🌟 Time moves really fast when you’re busy
🌟 When you’re busy, you’re not really present
🌟 You’re more likely to take risks and spot new opportunities if you slow down
🌟 You don’t want to mistake activity for progress
🌟 More time for ideas and creativity
🌟 When you slow down you make better decisions

🌟 Your real priorities become your priorities when you have more time
🌟 Multi-tasking is exhausting
🌟 Time to think, to live, to breathe
🌟 Boundaries, routines and standards of self-care

This gets easier with practice. Make the decision, be kind to yourself and contact me if you’d like to discuss.

Lisa Zevi – February 2021