Contribution Compass with Lisa Zevi

Maximise your contribution and leverage the people around you. 

When we’re out of flow we feel overwhelmed and drained of energy. When we’re in flow we can achieve anything!

This tool is the launchpad for you and your business. It will help you get organised, keep your head clear and make the right decisions.

It will help you find the right people to work with and build a business that works for you.

It will build trust and productivity within your team.


The Real Entrepreneur book by Lisa Zevi

A Catalyst is someone who ACCELERATES change. They are dynamic and creative, bringing plenty of energy and ideas to a team. They’re often found in new product development, where they excel at bringing new ideas to life. Many entrepreneurs are Catalysts and love nothing more than exploring creative approaches to getting things started fast!

Champions are brilliant at BLAZING a trail. They are vibrant and passionate, bringing energy and enthusiasm to a team. They excel at taking a proven idea and generating excitement and interest from their extensive network. Champions are often found in new business sales and marketing roles, where their charisma and conviction naturally sell their concept or brand.

A Coach IGNITES greatness and passion in others. With their warmth and energy, they inspire teams to work together in collaboration. They excel at understanding people deeply and can often be found in leadership roles, developing talent and shining a light on others. Their ability to tune into the  emotional needs of others make them excellent managers and networkers.

A Connector is a builder of BRIDGES between people, ideas and resources. They excel at being able to talk through ideas, challenges and solutions to create a collective way forward where everyone wins. Connectors love to network and make deals happen. They are diplomats by nature and their ability to negotiate makes them valuable members of any team.

Custodians are focused on HONOURING promises other make. They are supportive and grounded and they thrive at getting tasks done, maintaining routines and keeping commitments to deadlines. Custodians are often found in operational and customer service environments where timing, a sense of urgency and consistency are the keys to success. 

A Cultivator will subtly guide and NURTURE growth in a team or project. They excel at refining and making incremental adjustments to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. Cultivators are excellent at research and are often found in project management environments where efficiency is key and they can carefully balance people, time and money.

A Conductor uses their energy to OPTIMISE team and organisation performance. They are focused and efficient and excel at making processes or functions runs effectively and efficiently. They expertly solve problems and find meaningful insights through data, analysis, logic and fact. Conductors are often found in quality management, technology and accounting.

Calibrators deliver value by FINE-TUNING and adjusting. Their relentless focus on continuous improvement of the business model, systems and technologies means they are constantly experimenting, looking for new solutions and ways of perfecting. They are often found in engineering, IT and digital marketing where measurement and testing are key.