This week I’ve been reflecting on authenticity. What does it mean to do things ‘your way’ and what’s the cost of not doing so?

Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.” Janice Joplin

Several times this week clients have talked about doing things ‘their way’.

One lady is trying to do a role in the way she believes someone else wants it done. Another is making herself ill comparing herself to others. Learning from others is important and helps us make progress faster. But we need to assimilate what we’ve learned and then figure out our way of doing things.

I’ve working with a business owner on who he should hire next into his fast growing team. We talked about what he’s currently spending his time on and what that should look like in the months and years ahead. ‘What do you WANT to be spending your time on?’ I asked him. ‘You know, I never asked myself that!’ he replied.

So this week – please ask yourself:-

🌟 What do I want to be spending my time on?
🌟 Am I doing things my way?
🌟 Am I chasing someone else’s version of success?
🌟 What’s important to me?
🌟 How do I want to start and end each day?
🌟 What will I prioritise this year?
🌟 What does success look like for me?

These questions are not easy to answer. Please take some time to reflect on them and contact me if you need support.

Lisa Zevi – January 2021