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Lisa works as a consultant with established companies that have 10-50 employees, helping them restructure for increased growth and releasing the owners from the day-to-day so they can step back or exit.



Established businesses which have been in business for several years,  usually with a solid customer base and clearly defined product range. Revenues are established and there is a team, but growth may be stagnant and competition fierce.

Some owners feel stuck, maybe even bored. They may feel guilty because their team is working harder than them or disconnected from the parts of their business they used to enjoy. They remember the fun times but have fallen out of love with their businesses. They want to get out of day-to-day so they can focus on the next spurt of growth or a more balanced life. Some want to exit or sell so they can start something new.

As a businessman who’s got a small business – nought to 20 staff – it’s very clear that businesses change as you grow. The skills that you need for a nought to 10-man business are different to the skills you need from 10 to 20 and probably change once again beyond that.

As you grow, you need to step back from a lot of things and therefore need to systemise and incentivise. I knew that I needed to do all of that, but it was the actual steps in the processes that I needed, which is more operations than it is coaching.

I recommend Lisa because she’s doing a great job. The thing I like, and the reason why I picked her straightaway, is that she doesn’t hold back. … There’s no point in hiring somebody who’s going to just advise me and not make sure that I see it through, because otherwise, I just fall back into the trap of not getting what I want.

Unless you form great partnerships with people like Lisa, and let them in and let them help you, you’re never going to change … and you’ll never grow. It’s highly rewarding experience to work with someone who can really help make a difference in your business.

Philip Jaffa

Managing Director, Scape Design

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Join one of Lisa’s events and learn her six-step process to take your company from stagnation to growth and you to a more balanced life or exit.