This week I’ve been reflecting on choices. There are so many in life and in business! To niche or not to niche or how to niche. To hire inexperienced people that you can train and mold, or experienced hands who you can let run with things.

With so many opinions on what we ‘should’ do, it can be tough to know if we’re making the right choices. How do you decide?

Good decisions come from experience. Experience comes from making bad decisions.” Mark Twain

How do you make decisions?

Life is full of choices. Some are easy and straightforward, others more serious and complex. Regardless of what kind of decisions you’re facing , good decision making skills will serve you well, especially as a business owner. One of the most common issues I find with people running their own businesses is the overwhelming number of decisions we are faced with. Procrastination is common when we’re facing uncertainty or too many options.

We make decisions all day, every day, most of which are straightforward and don’t require much thought. But when the impact of our decision is more profound, it’s easy to hesitate and feel unsure. It’s not uncommon to feel anxious or confused when wrestling with a difficult choice. One important point to make here is that there’s rarely a right answer. Getting comfortable with trusting your gut and taking an action even if it might not be the best one, is something that will help you on your journey. This is because indecision will drain your energy and confidence. It’s always better to face the decision rather than keep putting it off. Things always look better on the other side of a tough decision.

Here are my Top 10 Tips on how to make better decisions:-

🌟 Don’t let stress take over. You might rush a decision or avoid it altogether if stress is getting the better of you. Clear your head first. Get outside, do some exercise, get into the right frame of mind before tackling the path ahead.
🌟 Give yourself some time. Most decisions do not need to be made on the spot, however urgent they may seem. Give yourself the chance to ‘live’ with your options for a while and really think things through.
🌟 Look at pros and cons. It’s easy to convince ourselves that we know all the reasons why we’d chose to do something or nor, but it’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture. Write down the pros and cons of each options and compare.
🌟 Consider other possibilities. Decisions aren’t just about pros and cons. Consider the impacts and consequences of each potential option, some of which will be obvious and others less so.
🌟 Focus on what’s important to you. It’s so easy to talk ourselves out of a decision because we think we’re being selfish or because of what others might think. But ultimately the outcome has got to work for you and what you want.
🌟 Talk it through. Things sound different when we say them out loud instead of just in our heads. Get some different perspectives to help you see your choices more objectively.
🌟 Keep a journal. It’s not unusual to go through emotional ups and downs during the decision making process. Keeping a written record of your feelings can really help you get some perspective and come to a good conclusion.
🌟 Make a plan. Often our decisions impact others, so it’s important to plan for how we’ll communicate our decision and also how we’ll deal with the different reactions we may get. Thinking this through in advance will help you manage.
🌟 Rethink if you need to. Sometimes new factors or inputs come to light whilst we’re exploring a decision. Don’t be afraid to relook at your options, even though your original decision may well still be valid. Allow yourself the option to choose differently but don’t second guess yourself.
🌟 Trust your self to figure it out. You’ve got yourself this far. Remind yourself that there are rarely any true ‘right or wrong’ situations. Weigh up your options but ultimately trust your gut.

It’s completely unrealistic to expect yourself to know everything or be able to do everything. Please be kind to yourself and if you’d like to talk through the choices you’re facing or any blockers in your business, let me know.

Lisa Zevi – April 2021