The Business of Freedom is for everyone who loves their work but is sick of the corporate grind.

It will help you decide if working for yourself is the right path for you. Step-by-step, it guides you through assessing your market and potential clients, packaging your offering, crunching the numbers and getting clarity about what real freedom in your work means for you.


Read The Business of Freedom to:

  • Look at your career aspirations with a fresh perspective
  • Find out what factors you need to consider in deciding whether to go it alone
  • Learn how to package your skills and knowledge
  • Understand the challenges and benefits of working for yourself
  • Discover what it means to build a business that really works for you
Author and business coach Lisa Zevi holding her two books The REAL Entrepreneur and The Business of Freedom.
The Business of Freedom book by Lisa Zevi
The Kindle edition of The Business of Freedom by business coach and author Lisa Zevi.


Love the chunky feel of real paper, dog-earing page corners or perhaps you want to read in the bath and write notes in the margins? Order your paperback copy and get your bathtime snacks ready!


Pick up the Kindle version of The Business of Freedom and start reading straight away to explore your options if you’re feeling jaded with corporate life and know deep down that there must be a better way than this… 

The Business of Freedom on the Amazon Bestseller list.


Lisa Zevi’s book is a wonderfully sensitive and valuable guide to those thinking of transitioning from the corporate track to a more entrepreneurial path. But it is more than that. It also helps those who have already taken that journey to identify where improvements can be made to their fledgling, or already successful, new business. Highly recommended.

Charles Rustin

Chief Growth Officer, NextWave Consulting

As an artist for over forty years, I’ve always struggled to understand, develop or even access the essential and fundamental skills necessary to run and build a business. Fortunately, these are Lisa’s superpowers. With her values and clarity of vision around how to simplify, grow and enjoy your business, her second book is a must-read for anyone exploring their career choices at this pivotal time in history. Consider this book a parachute for the dive of your life and be safe in the knowledge that if you do jump, her first book will be there for you when you land!

Paula Barnard-Groves

Founder, Me Infinity

Setting up in business on your own is a daunting prospect, not least of which is the fear associated with all the unknowns, and the doubts that emerge about whether or not it is the right choice for you. Without the benefit of hindsight, the best any of us can do when confronting such momentous decisions is to reduce the uncertainty through rigorous research in relation to the questions we have, in order that we may forge a sense of reassurance that we have a better handle on what taking the entrepreneur’s path actually entails. This book helps reduce that anxiety.

Justin Lee

Founder, Eudaimonic-Living

Lisa gives the reader a wonderful structure to aid making a great career and life choice. The reader self-reflects their own deepest desires and fears which frame the circumstances they currently find themselves in. She’s selling you neither employment nor business ownership. She’s giving you the tools, references and a step-by-step framework to judge your own situation for yourself. Live your life on your own terms – enjoy the read!

Jasper Walshe

Founder, TRIPSTank

If you have ever wondered whether working for yourself is for you, this book is a great first step. Hearing first-hand from others who have taken the plunge and learning about the pros and the cons of running a business will be invaluable to your decision-making.

Sophie Wright

Founder, Wright CFO

An inspirational and useful collection of advice from high-energy motivator Lisa Zevi. Read this before you take the plunge.

Didrik Skantze

Co-Founder, On Demand Solutions