This week I’ve been reflecting on how we track progress. As the summer gives way to autumn and we head towards the fourth quarter, many people are dusting off the plans they made at the start of the year. Others concluded months ago, that with so much uncertainty there was little point in making a plan. Whichever end of the spectrum you’re on, how do you know if you’re making progress? How do you stay the course in such an unpredictable environment? Whether you’re just launching a new business, thinking about starting or in a growth phase, being able to keep your focus and motivation is fundamental. But how do you know whether you’re on track or meandering aimlessly?

Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.” Will Rogers

Are you on track?

Have you found that thing that gets you out of bed feeling energised and alive? Do you have that incredible sense of fulfillment knowing that what you do is making a difference? Or are you still searching for your purpose, your passion, your flow?

Last week we talked about how to measure success and how it looks so different to each and every one of us. Maybe you’re on the lookout for clues that tell you that you’re on the right path. Perhaps you struggle to keep your focus, your drive, your conviction. Perhaps you question whether or not you’re really on track. We tend to underestimate ourselves. We look at others and see them as far more successful than we are. Some days we feel confident and certain, on others we may wobble or hit walls of doubt.

The clearer you are about what you want, however far fetched it may seem, the easier it is to track your progress. If you can keep your focus on that outcome, have a clear idea of the goal, the result that you want, you will be able to assess how you’re doing. The problem is that it’s disheartening if you don’t feel you’re achieving your goals fast enough. I’ve never really been one for setting concrete goals, especially when linked to timescales. I prefer to focus on the journey, the process or steps, moving forward and making progress. As long as I’m moving towards the outcome I want, even if in a convoluted way, I’m happy. As long as I’m learning, not repeating the same mistake twice, I find I’m engaged and up for the challenge.

For many years, I’ve had a clear idea of the life I want to live. I want to be able to run my businesses from anywhere in the world. I want a ‘location independent’ life. That’s been my goal for a long while, but I’ve had no clear idea of how to get there or how long it will take me. But every decision I’ve made I’ve checked against that bigger picture. This last year has seen me take a huge step towards the life I want. The choices I’ve made combined with the strange circumstances we find ourselves in, mean that I’m working with clients from all over the world and can serve them from wherever I happen to be.

In my weekly LIVE Fridays, I encourage everyone who is listening or watching to focus on getting clear about what they want. The outcome is key. Once you know that, then all the choices you make are focused on achieving that outcome. The path may be long and winding, it might take some time but eventually you’ll get there.

Here are my Ten Signs That You’re On Track:-

🌟 A better way. If you’re always looking for improvements, for better ways to do things, that’s a good sign you’re making progress. Solving problems keep us moving forward. Looking forward stops us feeling stuck.
🌟 The life you want. Even if the details aren’t clear, you’re not afraid to dream big. Get really clear about how you want to be spending your time. Keep your eyes on the horizon and don’t let short-term decisions take you off track.
🌟 Living in the moment. With a clear idea of the life you want, you are able to focus on appreciating every step of the journey by being intentional about who you spend your time with and on what.
🌟 Playing to your strengths. The more often you use your natural talents, the more you’ll achieve. The more you’re in your flow, the more appreciated you’ll feel and the happier you’ll be.
🌟 Embrace mistakes. The road to success is littered with failures. If you’re prepared to take calculated risks, you’re much more likely to succeed. Mistakes happen but if you learn from them you don’t have to have regrets.
🌟 Learn. If you’re someone who’s always learning, chances are you’re on the right track. Success is often a result of seemingly random elements coming together. Learning new things keeps you moving forward.
🌟 Self-awareness. Understanding yourself is a sign that you’re making progress. If you know what makes you tick, what gives you energy and what drains it, you’ll be able to leverage your own strengths and those of others.
🌟 Your voice. If you’re on the right track, you’re probably finding your voice. You’re able to speak up when needed, confident in your truth. You can make big decisions with conviction. You’re at ease with yourself.
🌟 Time. You know you’re on track when you’re spending your time doing what you want. You’re intentional and protective about how you spend your time. You focus on creating value and improving every time.
🌟 Gratitude. However tough things are, we are all so fortunate to be living this life, to have the opportunities and choices we have. A daily gratitude practice will help keep you grounded and on track.

It’s completely unrealistic to expect yourself to know everything or be able to do everything. Please be kind to yourself and if you’d like to talk through the choices you’re facing or any blockers in your business, let me know.

Lisa Zevi – September 2021