2017 has been an interesting one – full of twists and turns, ups and downs. It started off pretty badly. My husband and I had spent the previous two years developing a great concept and some awesome tech, but a combination of Brexit and a sale falling through left us feeling devastated. We made a few trips to the US, exploring some options there, but in the end decided against a move. I had a simple choice to make – go back into the world of full-time consulting, which I had always loved but which was slowly but surely burning me out one contract at a time, or try something new. A great friend and business partner persuaded me to attend an event for entrepreneurs run by a company called DENT, and despite my misgivings I let myself be persuaded. My doubts were all around the picture I had in my head of an entrepreneur – someone who has big visions, lots of ideas and the ability to spot gaps in the market. I have spent my whole life working with them – impatient, ambitious and creative people who know exactly where they want to get to and why. I have always been the Right Hand Woman, the Implementer, the one who turns the vision into reality – I had never seen myself as the person who leads.

The thing that blew my mind during the DENT event was how each presenters talked about a different way to extract the value that each one of us has inside in order to serve people who can benefit from our skills, knowledge and experience. Working for yourself is not for everyone – it all depends on your attitude to risk, how resilient you are and how much you want to put yourself out there. For someone like me, who has been working for myself for years, consulting for multi-nationals and investment banks and running a property investment company, I was already very comfortable with all of that, in fact for years I have been certain that I would never again take a permanent job. What made the event such an eye-opening experience for me was the totally new idea that maybe I did have something I could share with others. Maybe I was an entrepreneur without even knowing it! All that knowledge I had acquired over the years, all that experience at a senior level in multi-national organisations – could be turned into something that could help others! And so my business was born.

Since then it has been one hell of a ride. I’m not going to lie – it’s been incredibly tough at times (almost all due to the stuff inside my head!). I’ve learned a huge amount about myself and met some amazing new people, several of whom I feel sure will be with me on this crazy journey for many years to come. I am working with several fabulous clients, helping them focus on the fundamentals, build strong teams, systemise their operations and grow their businesses. I have discovered an amazing profiling tool which I use with teams of all sizes, helping my clients improve productivity and communication. I’ve been welcomed into several wonderful communities of entrepreneurs, including KPI, Team Dynamics and F12 Mastermind. And best of all I have discovered that I am a bloody good coach – I feel like it was what I was born to do! I find it fascinating the stories we tell ourselves, the pictures we paint and the impact that thinking in a difference way can have. I love helping people get clear, challenging them to make breakthroughs and watching their minds open to the discovery of new energy and purpose. I am getting myself formally qualified as a coach but have already taken on several clients who I absolutely love working with. Having experienced so strongly this year what being stuck can feel like, it is one of the greatest joys in my life to help others find a way to get clear.

I am writing a book, developing an online scorecard that business owners use to assess where they are and what to focus on, I’m recording lots of great video content and in January I am kicking off the TRUST Community – – a small group of business owners who meet once a month to learn, challenge and support each other.

So here’s what I have learned this year:-

– be open to new things, you never know what is just around the corner

– trust yourself, follow your gut, – we only have ourselves to blame!

– the little voice we all have in our heads telling us we’re no good gets louder the further we step outside our comfort zone, so remember that all progress requires discomfort

– it can be lonely out there so find yourself a good support network of like-minded people

– the fundamentals of business are the same whatever the size, industry or segment

– we can all do whatever we set our minds to (once we’ve decided what we want!)

– helping people make a breakthrough in their thinking about themselves, their careers and their businesses is the best job in world!

Wherever you are and whatever your dreams are, I wish you all the very best of good fortune, happiness and new possibilities in 2018. If there is anything I can do to help you on your way, please do get in touch.

Lisa Zevi – December 2017